Business Transitions

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Sailing To The Coasts

by Eric Rasmussen

Martin Bicknell's rollup firm Mariner Wealth has been aggressively acquiring RIAs and investment managers.

Rewriting The Global Fund Playbook


M. Vinson Walden’s global fund values ideas over style boxes.

The True Value Of Your Practice


It’s about more than multiple of revenue.

Fidelity Investments Aligns Clearing And Custody Units

by FA Staff

Boston-based Fidelity Institutional has combined its clearing and custody businesses into one unit.

Mosaic Family Wealth Joins Dynasty Financial Partners

by FA Staff

The newly launched independent wealth management and investment advisory firm today announced it has partnered with Dynasty Financial Partners.

First Allied Teams Up With Tambaro Financial Services


First Allied Securities will provide broker-dealer and custodial services to the newly created enterprise founded by Art Tambaro, former CEO of Royal Alliance.

Folio Investing Acquires Accounts Of BUYandHOLD

by FA Staff

Folio Investing has expanded its retail business with the acquisition of more than 20,000 customer accounts of the online investing service BUYandHOLD.

United Capital Recruits $2 Billion Firm


United Capital Financial Advisers has recruited a 23-person advisory firm with more than $2 billion in AUM to its partnership, the firm announced today.

LPL's Stratos Wealth Adds Financial Advisory Firm


LPL's fast-growing network firm, Stratos Wealth Partners, acquired a financial advisory firm and transitioned it to LPL's platform.

Five Things To Watch In The RIA Space In 2015


Changing demographics and generational wealth transfers will lead to tremendous shifts in the RIA business.

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