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McGinnis Insists AIG Recruiters Consider As Many Women As Men For FAs


That's one of the efforts AIG execs are undertaking to increase the number of advisors who are women.

Sailing To The Coasts

by Eric Rasmussen

Martin Bicknell's rollup firm Mariner Wealth has been aggressively acquiring RIAs and investment managers.

Sales In An Anti-Selling Culture


Adding new clients must be a responsibility of professionals in a firm.

Getting Fired By Clients Isn’t Always Bad


Sometimes, the relationship has run its course or your work is done.

The Future Of The IA World


As technology disrupts the world, the advisory business will face an unprecedented makeover.

The Appeal Of The Successful Business Owner

by ,

She is the high-quality client who can lead to the success of a professional’s practice.

Youth Shall Be Served Among Advisors (Hopefully)


It’s clear that advisor firms need to replenish advisor headcount and to engage with younger investors.

Harvesting Financial Info For Advisors


Harvest, a social platform for investing ideas, is gaining traction with users ranging from big-name financial services firms to financial advisors.

Hedge Fund Profits Down 30% Portend Closings


Industrywide profits in 2014 declined 30 percent from a year earlier because of poor performance.

SRI Poised For Growth, Survey Says

by FA Staff

A majority of investors in a new survey believed sustainable investing will become more prevalent over the next five years, but the perceived trade-off between profitability and making an impact was...

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