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Advisors Overwhelmed By Volume Of Marketing Emails

by FA Staff

Advisors ignore most of the marketing pitches they receive daily, says a survey.

Cetera Launches Advisor Web Portal


Cetera Financial Group is preparing to launch a Web portal that offers its advisors a compliance-ready platform for reaching out to clients and other professionals.

Are Your Clients Having A Midlife Crisis?


Help clients set up some roadblocks so their emotions don't translate into massive bills.

Getting Your Message Across

by Eleanor O'Sullivan

A new book offers many practical steps to financial advisors on how to increase their business, says our reviewer.

Firing Clients Part Of The Job, Advisors Say


Firing clients isn't easy, but sometimes it's necessary to get rid of "dead wood," advisors say.

The Art of Samurai Benchmarks

by Christophe Gauthron

Once your client is familiar with benchmarks, educate him on why they are useful not only for past performance analysis, but for future planning.

Pa. First State To Restrict Lawyers As Financial Advisors


Pennsylvania is becoming the first state to restrict the ability of lawyers to give financial advice.

Client Meetings Go The Way Of Cassette Players


Like old cassette tape players, newspaper subscriptions and telephone landlines, the regular in-person client meeting is quickly becoming a thing of the past.

Some Financial Advisors Abandon Asset-Based Fees


The rise of passive investing and market volatility has made many advisors uncomfortable with traditional asset-based management fees.

Multistate Insurance Licensing Expected Next Year


Financial advisors who sell insurance should be able to register in more than one state at the same time by mid-2016, an industry lobbyist said.

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