Evan Simonoff's FA Blog

Evan Simonoff is editor-in-chief and editorial director of Financial Advisor magazine, as well as editorial director of Private Wealth magazine. He has spent more than 15 years as an editor and reporter covering the financial services industry. Evan is a widely recognized expert on personal finance and investments. 

Dorothy Hinchcliff's FA Blog

Dorothy Hinchcliff is editor of FA online and FA green, as well as managing editor of Financial Advisor magazine. She has spent more than 15 years as an editor and reporter covering personal finance and other business issues.  

Advising The Advisors by Dr. Jack Singer

Dr. Jack Singer, president & CEO of Psychologically Speaking, with Dr. Jack Singer LLC, is both a professional sport psychologist and a professional speaker and success coach for financial advisors. He has now adapted his 33 years of experience teaching Olympic, professional and world champion athletes how to maintain peak performance to financial advisors, as he teaches them the same skill sets. His in-demand keynote presentation is entitled, “Six Amazingly Simple Steps for Developing the Mindset of a Champion Financial Advisor.”

Mike Byrnes' Social Business Blog

Mike Byrnes, president of Byrnes Consulting LLC, works with advisors to help them become even more successful. He is a recognized thought leader on practice management topics and has been published over 300 times throughout the industry. His expertise is in business planning, marketing strategy, business development, client service and management effectiveness, along with several other areas. Learn more at

Don Connelly's Marketing Blog

Don A. Connelly is a speaker, motivator and educator for financial advisors. During a career of more than 40 years on Wall Street, he worked for nearly 19 years as company spokesperson, senior vice president and senior marketing officer for Putnam Investments, in addition to holding positions as a stock broker, financial planner, branch manager, wholesaler and national sales manager. As founder and CEO of Don Connelly 24/7,  he provides timely and provocative sales ideas to thousands of financial professionals, 24 hours a day, seven days a week. 

Bill Hortz's Innovation Blog

William Hortz is president and dean of the Institute for Innovation Development (IID), an educational and business development organization for members determined to grow their businesses in a world of constant change. Run as a social enterprise, the Institute is dedicated to making innovation best practices a vital cornerstone for members’ business growth. He also is founder of Strategic Account Management Solutions Inc. and previously worked for OppenheimerFunds, Countrywide Investments and Peregrine Asset Management.

Charlie Stroller's Smart Spender Blog

Charlie Stroller, president, CEO and CFO of Financial Advisor magazine's parent company CFPN, has 25 years' experience running companies and has specialized in expense reduction and cost containment. Those who know him can attest that he is an expert on finding the best deals when it comes to both business and personal expenditures.

Dan Jamieson's Blog

Dan Jamieson is editor-at-large for Financial Advisor magazine. Based in Southern California, he has covered the retail financial services industry for close to 30 years, as both a reporter and editor. Before beginning his journalism career, Dan worked as a broker with a national wirehouse firm.

Tom Kostigen's Impact investor Blog

Editor-at-Large for Financial Advisor and Private Wealth magazines, Thomas Kostigen is a New York Times bestselling author who chairs FA's & PW's Impact Investing Conference, held annually, on environmental, social and human rights issues. Check out his blog,, as well as his forthcoming books: The National Geographic Extreme Weather Survival Guide: Understand, Prepare, Survive, Recover and Extreme Weather: Surviving Tornadoes, Sandstorms, Hailstorms, Blizzards, Hurricanes, and More!