Evan Simonoff is editor-in-chief and editorial director of Financial Advisor magazine, as well as editorial director of Private Wealth magazine. He has spent more than 15 years as an editor and reporter covering the financial services industry. Evan is a widely recognized expert on personal finance and investments. 

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Bogle: Buy And Hold Works Despite Prospect Of 50% Decline


I've always admired Vanguard founder Jack Bogle, so it was amusing to see him on CNBC earlier this week reiterating his conviction that buy-and-hold will work even though it is entirely possible that...

Patel: Could Commodities Cool Down Big Time?


Conventional wisdom holds that commodities and commodity stocks typically outperform the rest of the pack in the late stages of a bull market...

Milton Friedman, Libertarian Lunacy, And Unlicensed Brain Surgeons


Advisor have long complained that one has to meet higher standards to become a hairdresser than to be a financial planner...

When America Becomes Florida


In only seven years, all of America will look exactly like Florida does today, at least on the age spectrum.

Gundlach On Tax Polarization, Going Short The S&P 500, Apple


If mean reversion is truly an immutable law of investing, then investors might want to consider shorting the S&P 500 and going long Japan’s Nikkei index, DoubleLine CEO Jeffrey Gundlach remarked...

Grantham’s Attack On GDP Growth Misses The Mark


"Clean coal," according to GMO’s Jeremy Grantham, is a big lie worthy of Nazi propagandist Joseph Goebbels...

Schwab, KKR's Roberts Voice Concern On Obama Tone, Optimism On U.S.


Discount brokerage pioneer Chuck Schwab and KKR co-founder George Roberts voiced frustration with President Obama's suddenly strident post-election tone but indicated they thought the U.S...

Liz Ann Sonders Asks: Is The Stock Market Home To The New Vigilantes?

by ,

Judging from Wednesday's 312-point drop in the Dow Jones Industrial Average, the equity market could be replacing the bond market as the new "vigilantes" who try to drive some sense into...

Meredith Whitney Sees Boom In Central U.S. Corridor


This energy- and agriculture-rich region characterized by low tax rates and debt levels is poised to grow at a much faster rate than other parts of the country where tax rates and debt levels are...

Pity The Poor Banks


Now the regulators fine them! I never thought I'd write a piece criticizing regulators for belatedly piling on the big banks and fining them half a decade after the financial crisis in which...

Black Swans: A 28% Chance Of Speaker Pelosi?


Intrade makes the odds of a President Romney 26 percent, almost the same as the odds for a Speaker Pelosi, 28 percent. Yikes!

Ben Stein, Ray Lucia And The Annuities Gang

by Evan Simonoff

It's hard to believe that California advisor Ray Lucia -- now facing SEC charges related to his "Buckets of Money" investment strategy -- really saved Ben Stein from suicide "many a night," as...

When A CFP Licensee Files For Bankruptcy


The hard line the CFP Board is adopting with bankrupt CFP licensees is a sign of the profession's increasing maturity.

It's Not Just Facebook: Is Social Media Finance Toast?


It's not just that another 1.44 billion shares of Facebook will become available for sale between now and November...

George Will On Entitlement Crisis, Welfare State Death Spiral


The United States is replicating the mistakes of the 1930s' New Deal and causing "the death spiral of the welfare state," where taxes must go up to pay ever-increasing entitlement costs, George Will...

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