Evan Simonoff is editor-in-chief and editorial director of Financial Advisor magazine, as well as editorial director of Private Wealth magazine. He has spent more than 15 years as an editor and reporter covering the financial services industry. Evan is a widely recognized expert on personal finance and investments. 

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Sanford Weill Calls For Bank Breakup, Glass-Steagall Renewal

I nearly spat up a few bits of Cheerios at the boob tube in disbelief this morning when I heard former Citigroup CEO Sandy Weill call for breaking up the nation's biggest banks and essentially...

Investing At Commodities Brokerages Is Nuts


The stunning disappearance of client funds at three commodities brokerages-Refco, MF Global and now Peregrine-over the last seven years has to be prompting many advisors to ask why a client...

Possible Solutions To Geezer Advisors Ruining The Business For Young

He may only have been making his point with hyperbole, but when Mark Tibergien told attendees at Pershing's annual Insite conference that older advisors were not only burning out younger...

This Business Remains Deeply Divided


Despite the FPA's best efforts to give the advisory profession one voice, the organization's RIA and brokerage contingents continue to drift further and further apart.

Private Equity Firms Swarm RIA Space For Acquisitions


Several sources said that Summit Partners had retained Goldman Sachs to explore the sale of Focus Financial Partners...

Jeb Bush: Prepare For Taxmageddon; What Elizabeth Warren Doesn't Get


Whether President Obama wins or loses, former Florida Governor Jeb Bush notes that there is "ample evidence" our current president is "no Bill Clinton."

Do We Need Finra As An SRO For RIAs?


New legislation to anoint a self-regulatory organization for RIAs has sparked the predictable firestorm...

Fuss Joins Bond Gurus Fink, Gross Favoring Equities


Is there a new Nifty Fifty looming on the equity market's horizon? Loomis Sayles vice chairman Dan Fuss hinted that there might be some variant of that phenomenon from the late 1960s and early...

Beyond The 1% Noise


Occupy Wall Street came and went, but two recent books shed far more light than the protesters on the twin topics of increasing income inequality and middle-class downward mobility that have...

Black Rock's Fink: Extend Cap Gains Holding Period To 3 Years, Cut Rates Gradually


With a short-term mentality practically paralyzing individuals and corporations, the U.S...

Carmen Reinhart Takes Down NYT's Krugman And WSJ's Righties


Almost all advanced economies are burdened with enough debt to remain vulnerable to double-dip recessions, according to Carmen Reinhart...

Why Do Leaders Fail And Crash In Flames?


In a compelling presentation at FSI's OneVoice conference, Dr. Stephen Mansfield listed 10 common reasons why leaders crash and burn.

The Real Private Equity Story


Alan Greenspan thinks private equity is the investment vehicle of the 21st century. Newt Gingrich and Rick Perry think they are "looters" practicing predatory capitalism...

Is Fed Policy Fueling Ponzi Schemes Aimed At Seniors?


We'll never know how many Ponzi schemes and other criminal activities revolving around investment fraud would have been uncovered in the past three years if the financial crisis had not sent...

Grantham: No Market For Young Men


In his latest quarterly letter, Jeremy Grantham postulates that if the Standard & Poor's 500 overcorrects like the average of the past 10 great (pre-Greenspan) equity bubbles, the index could...

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