Evan Simonoff is editor-in-chief and editorial director of Financial Advisor magazine, as well as editorial director of Private Wealth magazine. He has spent more than 15 years as an editor and reporter covering the financial services industry. Evan is a widely recognized expert on personal finance and investments. 

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Grantham: No Market For Young Men


In his latest quarterly letter, Jeremy Grantham postulates that if the Standard & Poor's 500 overcorrects like the average of the past 10 great (pre-Greenspan) equity bubbles, the index could...

Top Lawyer Sees Problems With Custodians' Loans To RIAs

At a time when many custodians are setting up lending programs to help RIAs finance acquisitions and internal succession, a top lawyer sees the programs as problematic.

Gross, Blair Offer Divergent Views On Capitalism's Future


Ask a former British Labour leader and an Orange County Republican about the future of capitalism, and the answers shouldn't be surprising...

The Mark Spangler Affair: An Ecuador Vacation Postponed


One of the more damning pieces of information the FBI has against former Napfa President Mark Spangler is an affidavit that claims he had planned to travel to Ecuador on September 25.

TD's Bradley: SEC Does HAVE The Resources To Oversee RIAs


After oversight of RIAs with less than $100 million in assets under management is transferred to the states, the SEC will have 18 to 20 examiners for every RIA firm with over $100 million in...

JP Morgan's Kelly: Recession Odds 25% Thanks To Policy Blunders


David Kelly, chief market strategist at JP Morgan Asset Management, is raising his odds on a U.S. recession to 25%, thanks largely to what he considers policy blunders by U.S...

Jobs: Reagan & Clinton vs. Bush & Obama


During Ronald Reagan's presidency, the U.S. economy created 18 million new jobs. During Bill Clinton's two terms, that figure was 22 million. How are our 21st century presidents doing?

Are Aging Boomers Bad For Equities?

An intriguing study from the San Francisco Federal Reserve Bank has postulated that the aging of the baby boom generation will act as a depressant for equity prices for the next 15 years or so...

Eisner Sounds Off On Looters, Income Redistribution And Partnerships


Former Disney CEO Michael Eisner told his hostess that if her taxes didn't go up, there would be looters climbing over the walls to her mansion to take all sorts of trinkets and other goodies...

LPL's Kleintop: U.K., French Downgrades Could Be Next


The United Kingdom and France could be the next nations to face downgrades on their sovereign debt...

Fed To Buy Houses? Get Real About QE3


Some of the ideas to jump start the anemic U.S. economy-for that matter the global economy-are getting ludicrous...

Smart Advisors Loaded Up On Gold


I've always thought gold was a fool's investment--good for little else besides jewelry--but when three of the smartest advisors I know have 10% of clients' assets invested in the precious metal,...

Putnam's Harlow Surprised By 10% Optimal Retirement Equity Allocation

by ,

If advisors were stunned by a finding from the Putnam Institute that the optimal retirement portfolio's equity allocation should be between 5% and 25%, they weren't alone...

Richard Bernstein: The U.S. May Be The Best Place To Invest


Distracted by headlines, financial advisors and other U.S. investors may be missing the best investment opportunity for the next decade: U.S. equities, says Richard Bernstein.

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