Evan Simonoff is editor-in-chief and editorial director of Financial Advisor magazine, as well as editorial director of Private Wealth magazine. He has spent more than 15 years as an editor and reporter covering the financial services industry. Evan is a widely recognized expert on personal finance and investments. 

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Fed To Buy Houses? Get Real About QE3


Some of the ideas to jump start the anemic U.S. economy-for that matter the global economy-are getting ludicrous...

Smart Advisors Loaded Up On Gold


I've always thought gold was a fool's investment--good for little else besides jewelry--but when three of the smartest advisors I know have 10% of clients' assets invested in the precious metal,...

Putnam's Harlow Surprised By 10% Optimal Retirement Equity Allocation

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If advisors were stunned by a finding from the Putnam Institute that the optimal retirement portfolio's equity allocation should be between 5% and 25%, they weren't alone...

Richard Bernstein: The U.S. May Be The Best Place To Invest


Distracted by headlines, financial advisors and other U.S. investors may be missing the best investment opportunity for the next decade: U.S. equities, says Richard Bernstein.

George W. Bush: Free At Last!

The former president showed his well-known sense of humor and his less well-known sense of perspective at the Pershing annual Insite conference.

Women And Men: How Different Are We Really?


In early May, I had the opportunity to attend an intriguing session at a conference that dealt with the subject of money and gender, specifically women...

Bill Gross Shows All His Cards

News that Pimco's legendary Bill Gross is launching an active ETF that will be managed in a style very similar to his mammoth Total Return funds raised more than a few eyebrows...

Jeff Gundlach: Get Ready For The Taxes-Are-Too-Damn-Low Party


The next major political party in this nation will be the Taxes-Are-Too-Damn-Low Party, DoubleLine Capital CEO Jeffrey Gundlach told his clients and shareholders on Tuesday.

Dan Fuss: A 20-Year Bear Market For Bonds Is Starting

The odds are five out of six, or about 83%, that interest rates will rise, albeit with breaks and intervals, for the next 20 years, according to Loomis Sayles vice chairman Dan Fuss...

Jeb Bush: Immigration Reform Could Power An Economic Recovery

An immigration policy consistent with America's heritage and highest ideals could dramatically spur economic growth and solve many of our problems, former Florida Governor Jeb Bush told attendees...

Grantham Mayo: Japan To Recover, Global Equities Overvalued

The meltdown at the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear plant has prompted many financial commentators and others to plant their feet firmly in their mouths.

Are China's Dictators Next To Go?

In case you hadn't noticed, 2011 is less than two months old and it's already turning out to be a very tough year for the planet's dictators...

Siegel Sees Some Bull Left In Bull Market

Even though equity prices have broken through their pre-Lehman levels, Wharton School of Finance professor Jeremy Siegel told TD Ameritrade Institutional's annual conference in San Diego he still...

Gundlach: Muni Market Is In Denial

Is the municipal bond market in the same state of denial as the equity and mortgage-backed securities markets were in late 2007? Jeffrey Gundlach, the founder of Doubleline who put together a...

Is Everyone's Enthusiasm Just A Little Too Bullish?

Larry Kudlow is downright delirious on CNBC. Byron Wien at Blackstone thinks the S&P 500 will hit 1,500 at some point this year...

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