Editor-at-Large for Financial Advisor and Private Wealth magazines, Thomas Kostigen is a New York Times bestselling author who chairs FA's & PW's Impact Investing Conference, held annually, on environmental, social and human rights issues. Check out his blog, theclimatesurvivalist.com, as well as his forthcoming books: The National Geographic Extreme Weather Survival Guide: Understand, Prepare, Survive, Recover and Extreme Weather: Surviving Tornadoes, Sandstorms, Hailstorms, Blizzards, Hurricanes, and More!

Tom Kostigen's Impact investor Blog

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Invest In Weather


Investing in weather adaptation is one of the top tenets of the impact investing movement.

Impact Guidelines


The G8’s Social Impact Investing Task Force has come out with a new report and initiative -- and it’s all about measurement.

Big Impact Signs

by Tom Kostigen

As broker-dealers get into the impact investing game, a new wave of assets is poised to enter into the sector.

Come To Denver


Our 3rd annual impact investing event at the Colorado Convention Center in Denver is going to be our biggest ever.

El Nino To Affect Certain Commodities

by Tom Kostigen

Weather forecasters are warning that extreme weather due to El Nino is looking to attack certain commodities in different places around the globe.

Resource Optimization


Impax Asset Management, a $4.2 billion global investment firm, is focused on businesses that optimize the delivery and efficient use of natural resources.

Impact Investing In Public Markets

by Tom Kostigen

A new report by Sonen Capital hits at the heart of one of the biggest concerns people have when considering impact investments: liquidity.

Aloha Impact


I discovered in, of all places, Hawaii a truly great article on how impact investing has become the new philanthropy.

Sustainable Fisheries Spawn

by Tom Kostigen

It's time for impact investors to get their feet wet in the ocean.

Currency Risk Solutions

by Tom Kostigen

MFX Solutions uses hedging tools to mitigate the risk of investing in some of the poorest, most volatile countries in the world.

Impact Investing Defined

by Tom Kostigen

The Global Impact Investing Network, the elite New York City-based trade group known as The GIIN, tackles the tricky definition of 'impact investing.'

Tactical Impact

by Tom Kostigen

A new report on impact investing issued by the World Economic Forum offers ideas for portfolio construction and much more.

Mandela & Money

by Tom Kostigen

In the wake of Nelson Mandela's passing, what many may not know is that socially responsible investing actually found its roots in South Africa.

Give On Tuesdays

by Tom Kostigen

The Case Foundation has teamed up with Crowdrise, Network for Good and Six Degrees to host a Web page where donations will be matched on Tuesdays.

Why Climate Deniers Are Fools

by Tom Kostigen

A leaked report by an international panel of scientists showcases a wide range of climate change impacts that add up to a planet in peril.

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