February 2013

Flight Of The Phoenix

by Eric Rasmussen

AIG’s aggressive Advisor Group subsidiary, with a new firm and reps in tow, still hopes to build a national presence—but not a national brand.

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Avoiding The Next Train Wreck

by Scott A. MacKillop

Do the systems that some managers used to avoid the 2008 market collapse make sense now?

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Leveling The Playing Field

by Mary Rowland

One firm is trying to help students get into college by helping them navigate the admissions process.

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The Business Of Life

by Roy Diliberto

If you are serious about helping your clients enjoy life, your first step is to do it yourself.

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Ready To Save?

by David Lawrence

Going paperless saves money and time. Here’s how.

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The Wages Of Fear

by Donald B. Trone

Fear, uncertainty and doubt should not be the focus of your fiduciary message.

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Playing Catch-Up

by Kate Stalter

What do you do when even high earners come up short with retirement assets?

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Big Aspirations

by Karen DeMasters

TCI has launched a program to reach out to the young before they get rich.

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28 Times A Year

by Joel P. Bruckenstein

That’s how often elite advisors contact their clients, and Zywave says it can help you do that, too.

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Evolution Or Exaggeration?

by Donald Jay Korn

A plunge in the number of publicly traded companies has many people wondering why.

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Getting A Fix On Fixed Income

by Ben Mattlin

Which areas look most promising? And where are the risks?

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Keeping Local Flavor

by Marla Brill

Thornburg’s Lewis Kaufman focuses on emerging-market companies with strong domestic demand.

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Attack Of The Zombie Tax Strategies

by Eric Reiner

Suddenly revived rules will haunt 2012 tax returns.

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Shore, Leave

by Gail Liberman

Are affluent clients abandoning coastal properties after a spate of hurricanes?

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To Everything There Is A Season

by Nick Murray

Are our clients investing for the last 13 years, or for the next 13?

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Lean And Mean

by Marla Brill

Schwab’s limited ETF menu keeps expenses at rock-bottom levels.

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Advisor Emporium

TD Ameritrade’s Veo Integrated With 7 CRM Technologies

TD Ameritrade’s account management and trading platform, Veo, is now integrated with seven customer-relationship management systems.

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Editor's Note

When The U.S. Becomes Florida

by Evan Simonoff

In only seven years, all of America will look exactly like Florida does today, at least on the age spectrum.

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Frontline News

NestWise Focuses On Middle Class

by Jeff Schlegel

The “middle class” is a somewhat nebulous concept both socially and financially.

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Permanent Goodies From The Fiscal Cliff Law

by Eric L. Reiner

Higher taxes for upper-income clients were certainly part of the American Taxpayer Relief Act, enacted on January 2 to stave off Washington’s trip off the fiscal cliff.

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Why 529 Plans Underwhelm Investors

by Jim McConville

With college tuition costs still shooting into the stratosphere, why are so few American families taking advantage of college savings plans?

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Social Animals

Three-quarters of affluent U.S. investors regularly use some form of social media, whereas only 52% did in in 2008, according to a recent study by Cogent Research.

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ZAG Time For Advisors

The Zero Alpha Group, a network of seven financial advisory firms, has formed the ZAG Leadership Institute to give the next generation of financial advisors at the group the skills they need to...

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Financial Advisors Involved In 401(k) Planning Can Get New Credential

UCLA and The Retirement Advisor University have developed a CE designation for financial advisors specializing in defined contribution retirement plans.

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Letters to the Editor

The Bogle Fallacy

The November 2012 issue of FA included an article by John Bogle: “The New Pension Plan.”

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