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News From Inside ETFs: Bond Traders Can’t Escape Storms In Markets


Investors and traders huddled at an ETF conference in Florida are worrying about how to make sense of markets that are getting more and more volatile.

News From Inside ETFs: Smart Beta, Fixed Income, Robos Will Propel ETF Industry


Fund industry executives on a conference panel discussed the leading ETF trends in 2015.

News From Inside ETFs: Gundlach Warning Signs As Deflation Arrives


Contrary to many reports of its death, the 30-year-plus bull market in bonds is still alive and deflation is now being imported into the U.S., according to DoubleLine CEO Jeffrey Gundlach.

News From Inside ETFs: Sonders Says Global Diversification May Pay Off In 2015


2015 could be the first year in a while where global diversification rewards investors, Schwab's chief investment strategist Liz Ann Sonders said.

Schwab To Add 18 Commission-Free ETFs

by FA Staff

Schwab ETF OneSource now will offer 198 ETFs with no commissions.

Earning That Mutual Fund Paycheck Gets Easier In Equities


You didn’t have to be a genius to make money in equities the last two years. Buy an index fund and let the bull market guide you to a 44 percent gain.

U.S. Investors Favor Currency-Hedged Europe ETFs As Euro Tumbles


The falling euro has investors turning to ETFs designed to strip out the impact of the region's currency.

Renamed ETF Spreads Love Among Emerging Markets


A Guggenheim fund is the first to employ an equal country-weighted underlying index for emerging markets.

PowerShares Expands Smart-Beta ETF Lineup


The PowerShares Russell 1000 Equal Weight Portfolio fund began trading last month, but wasn’t formally introduced until today.

Is The ETF Market Reaching Maturity?


ETF growth has zoomed, but one industry insider ponders whether the ceiling is within sight.

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