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March 2013  
Prospecting Best Practices for
High Net Worth Individuals
High Net Worth Insight

Discover 10 innovative best practices proven to grow your book of business. The most successful private wealth advisors are the first to identify opportunities in their territory with a high likelihood to close, take advantage of client referrals, and find High Net Worth prospects with changing financial needs. This white paper highlights several of prospecting methods being used by elite private wealth advisors to find and attract new clients quickly in an uncertain global economy.

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March 2013  
 A Gross Underestimate Janus

As we enter 2013, we felt it would be an appropriate time to revisit one of last year’s most controversial predictions of future equity performance. We acknowledge that equities in general may not continue to deliver the same real rate of return they have over the last century; however, we believe the glum outlook forecasted by Bill Gross last year misses the mark. Our estimates of future equity returns all point to a meaningfully higher forecast than Gross’ pessimistic prediction.

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March 2013  
The Long-term
Outlook for Energy
Globally, the scramble for energy security remains one of the most significant issues to follow in a world that will continue to face political upheaval. Examine the secular challenges facing the Energy sector and explore how investors may unlock potential opportunities as a result of this important economic topic.

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March 2013  
How Wealth Managers are Winning Business with the Ultra-Wealthy ByAllAccounts
One in three UHNW individuals is looking to change their asset manager or wealth advisor. The money of America’s richest is in motion. Do you know the keys to tapping this rich vein?

In this paper you’ll learn to:
  • Assess the size of the market opportunity with this elite clientele
  • Prepare in-depth profiles on specific UHNW individuals
  • Develop a robust referral business to expand your assets and revenues

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March 2013  
Terror Free Investing: One advisor’s quest to take divestment to the masses Patriot Fund
Read how Mark Langerman, a Scottsdale based Registered Investment Advisor and the son of a Holocaust survivor, transformed his wealth management practice in 2006 to focus on Terror-Free Investment management.  Learn about the ramifications of US public companies operating in countries like Iran and North Korea and how these actions not only support terrorism but can create global security risk in your clients’ portfolios. Also learn about how other sophisticated investors – including state pension plans and endowments – have chosen to rid their portfolios of these “terror-related” securities.

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March 2013  

Wealth at Risk: How High Net Worth Families Overpay to Be Underinsured
ACE Private Risk Services

By failing to update their personal insurance program to reflect the wealth they have built, many high net worth families have insurance policies full of wasteful spending and dangerous gaps in coverage. This new white paper identifies the key areas of overspending and underinsuring based on a survey of more than 600 insurance advisors.  It shows how families can take advantage of savings opportunities and strengthen coverage to achieve more effective protection, often without a significant increase in premiums.

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