One in four small-business owners are seeking help from financial advisors in succession planning, according to a new survey by the Securian Financial Group.

The survey of 500 small-business entrepreneurs found 15 percent plan to get advice from financial advisors to determine what to do with their companies when they leave by death or retirement, while 10 percent want to engage the expertise of a team of advisors and other experts.

One-third of respondents said they want to sell their companies to a third party; 20 percent want to hand it off to family members; 20 percent aim to sell their interest to a partner or a key employee; and 25 percent plan to disband the business.

About 60 percent of the small-business owners surveyed said they plan to exit their businesses in a decade. However, more than 60 percent said they don’t have a succession plan and aren’t working on one.

When asked why they are delaying preparing for the inevitable, 30 percent said they are too busy growing their businesses; 30 percent said they consider themselves indispensable to the firm; 18 percent cite a lack of qualified candidates; and 15 percent are concerned a prospective successor can’t afford to buy the business.