Investors are looking for alternative investments to low-yielding bonds and volatile stocks. Some will turn to single-family rental properties.

HomeUnion, an online real estate investment management firm based in Irvine, Calif., has selected cities across the country where the investment returns are most favorable for single-family rental homes.

The rankings are based on the cap rate, which is the relationship between an investment property’s net operating income (rents minus expenses) and the market value of the property.

“Other asset classes underperformed in 2015, while single-family rental investors saw healthy returns in terms of income and appreciation in markets across the country,” says Steve Hovland, manager, research services at HomeUnion. “Favorable supply and demand fundamentals and shifting views about renting among millennials and seniors created increased occupancy rates, which resulted in higher rent prices.”

The following 10 cities came out on top for good investment returns. They are listed, along with their cap rates, in reverse order.

No. 10: Tampa, 5.9 percent