Retirees have different investment requirements than younger people, and it is not always easy to find dividend stocks that will make some money and still be relatively safe.

Sure Dividend, a web-based stock research company, tries to take some of the guess work out of that process for retirees so they have a better chance at investment success. As Sure Dividend describes it, retirees do not want their nest egg scrambled.

The company looks for dividend stocks with high yield for income, a strong competitive advantage for safety, a long growth runway for reliable future growth, and a long record of dividend increases for consistency. To find the best dividend stocks for retirees, all of the criteria must be matched with a stock that is trading at fair or better value.

Sure Dividend researched dividend stocks and came up with the following 10 that meet the needs of retirees. The following are its 10 selections, along with the dividend yield and a few reasons why Sure Dividend says the company made the top 10 list. None of the companies have huge dividend yields because Sure Dividend says that indicates increased risk. The report is available here.

Archer-Daniels-Midland ADM (3.2 percent yield)

The agriculture company has a high dividend yield, a reasonable payout ratio, a strong competitive advantage, 41 consecutive years of dividend increases, and a long growth runway ahead. Best of all, it is deeply undervalued at current prices. Archer-Daniels-Midland’s competitive advantage comes from its excellent global supply chain.