HealthView Services, a provider of retirement health care cost planning applications based in Danvers, Mass., has developed an app, HealthView Explorer, that allows financial advisors to calculate how much Medicare Parts B and D and a Medicare Supplemental insurance policy will cost retirees.

Medicare Part D and a supplemental policy vary in cost from state to state. Part B is the same in all states.

Part B pays for visits to doctors, Part D for prescriptions and a supplement covers most costs that Medicare does not cover. The least expensive states for Medicare Part B, D and a supplemental were released by HeahtlhView based on a person retiring today at age 65 with a 20-year retirement.

The following states, in descending order, were the least expensive for retirees, The figures lists costs in each state for one year and for 20 years.

10. North Dakota

$3,290, $133,765