I wrote a lot of articles with business-improving tips in 2011 that were published on FA-Mag.com. Here is a list of 12 articles worth rereading:

1. Stay In Constant Contact - August 22, 2011
Client communication is so critical in creating long-lasting client relationships and 'dripping' on prospects is also very important. Those are just two reasons why an effective enewsletter is a 'must have' in a solid integrated marketing strategy.

2. Videos Are a Must - October 21, 2011
As technology improves, clients and prospects will watch more and more videos online. As a result, videos will help your business get found and make great first impressions when visitors encounter your brand online.

3. Getting The Most From Your Employees  - March 9, 2011
Learn how to create engaged employees to better motivate them and achieve better results.

4. How To Work The Media - May 25, 2011
Read about tips on how to get positive publicity.

5. Social Media Networking Becomes Even More Important - June 2011
Learn about three social media trends that will impact your business.

6. Become A Recognized Expert Online - March 8, 2011
Read what experts at the FPA Business Solutions conference had to say about why social media will continue to become more important and how advisors can capitalize on it.

7. Top Advisors Share Keys To Success - May 17, 2011
Learn how to grow your business from experts that spoke at the Investment Management Consultants Association (IMCA) annual conference.

8. Google+ Pages Are Here - November 10, 2011
Set up a new social network page that will help with search engine optimization and potentially increase leads.

9. Five Realizations About Social Media - September 6, 2011
Read about areas that might help firms have more social media success.