Nowadays, weeks before the Super Bowl, game advertisers release teasers, footage on how commercials were made and in some cases the full video. The marketing efforts to ramp up before the game can, in some cases, take away the element of surprise. On the other hand they can build up anticipation and exposure.

The game was exciting, but the chitter-chatter during most of Sunday's football parties across the country happened while it was being played, so the nation could listen to the TV ads. This is the one time where the top brands and ad agencies show off their best work, while not running the risk of being skipped over by a DVR.

This year's Super Bowl XLVI featured 55 commercials, up to a record $3.5 million for each 30-second slot. The reason for the increase from $3 million last year was that advertisers believe that social media will drive even more impressions, giving brands, products and services even more exposure. For example, last year's Volkswagen commercial, called "The Force," now has over 50 million YouTube views.

Who Won?

We know the Giants won the game (with a little luck), but it takes some time after the final attempted Hail Mary pass to see how social networks create advertising buzz, eventually awarding a new ad champion.

USA Today's Super Bowl Ad Meter awarded Doritos' "Sling Baby" as the winner. Others said the multiple dog ads did great: Volkswagen's "Dog Strikes Back," Bud Light's "Weego," Doritos' "Man's Best Friend" and Skechers' "Go Run." Also, humor helped M&M's "Just My Shell" and Honda's "CRV's Day Out" stand out. (See the extended version of this ad for more Ferris Bueller's Day Off references)."

All great ads, but one that I predict will do the best was Chrysler's "It's Halftime in America." It featured Clint Eastwood challenging our country to "act as one" and "come from behind." While selling cars made in Detroit, it had a serious message to Americans who are still facing a tough economy, in which too many are still looking for work.

"It is halftime America and our second half is about to begin," ended Eastwood in his raspy voice. It is a commercial that will not be forgotten and will likely have a future impact in America's buying behavior. Plus, it would not be a shocker if politicians up for elections incorporate it in their campaigns in the coming days.

Viral Marketing

The Chrysler YouTube channel for the Eastwood ad states, "Just one person can start a chain reaction that reaches thousands. Share this video via Facebook or Twitter and watch below as it spreads across the country." Below the words, it has a visual of how the social media forwarding can spread across the map of the United States, which is impactful-so much so that you will want to try it. When I did it through the @ByrnesConsultin twitter account, it sent this message in line with the theme of the ad: "I just watched Chrysler's 'It's halftime in America.' Watch America unite one share at a time," followed by a link to the video.

What Can Advisors Learn From These Ads?

A small firm will never run an ad during the Super Bowl, but they can take a lesson on how to integrate a marketing campaign. One marketing tool should not stand alone. Just like these ads were more than just 30 seconds in time. They drove traffic to Facebook pages, YouTube channels, traditional websites and to locations to buy products and services. Through the marketing integration, they lasted a lot longer than half a minute.

When delivering a marketing message, make sure it supports the overall brand message, and do not be afraid to use humor if it fits the message and target audience. Then be creative in how the message gets passed out, so hopefully your business can make the winning catch.

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Note: As always, check with your compliance department for its specific guidelines on what your organization will allow you to do with social networks. It is strongly recommended you hire an archiving service to capture all social media communications.

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