TCA Launches "Liberty"

Trust Company of America (TCA) is rolling out a new mobile platform that will put registered investment advisors (RIAs) and their clients on the same page-literally-as they access and review the client's account information in real time. Called Liberty, this all-in-one platform provides trading data aggregation, performance reporting and real-time information on a range of mobile devices. Liberty provides private labeling to its RIA clients, and also allows RIAs to make their custom applications available to clients on various devices, including Apple's iPad and Android and BlackBerry tablets. 

"With Liberty, TCA's services will be anywhere you need them to be," says Dennis Noto Jr., TCA chief information officer. Liberty is designed to be simple, mobile and quick to use. It provides one-touch data recognition, where a user touches a screen and gets immediate real-time information about the account. TCA Advisor, the company's existing suite of tools specifically designed for advisors, will be integrated into Liberty in phases over the next 12 months. 

The launch of Liberty comes on the heels of TCA's joint initiative with Black Diamond Performance Reporting to provide RIAs and their clients with performance reporting and asset aggregation tools. That partnership has led to Black Diamond being embedded in the Liberty platform. Black Diamond's technology enables data to be collected from multiple custodians. 

Russell Expands To Global Markets Russell Investments has expanded its Defensive and Dynamic Indexes to include global stock coverage, helping investors navigate increasingly complicated and volatile global markets. The Russell Global Defensive and Dynamic Indexes split the equity market in half; the more stable half of the market is called "Defensive" and the less stable half is called "Dynamic." Stocks are ranked by sector and style across regions, rather than country by country. The result is a set of benchmarks representing the global investable universe, with the potential to reflect a more attractive return with less relative risk.

SunGard Unveils Mobile Apps

SunGard has created several mobile applications designed to enhance client satisfaction and retention. SunGard's wealth management mobile solutions include: WealthStation Mobile Meeting, WealthStation My Retirement, WealthStation Mobile Report Access and Benefit Administration Mobile Participant and Consulting Services.

SunGard's mobile apps are meant to give wealth managers and retirement specialists the tools and information they need to cultivate stronger relationships with their clients, while providing clients with real-time updates of their investments, where they are held, how they are valued and how complex global market conditions may impact their value. 

Pershing Introduces Corestone Account

Pershing LLC offers enhanced asset management with the introduction of Corestone Account, which offers three tiers with different features and benefits, including: 

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