When the folks at LIMRA wanted to know how people feel about the relationship they have with their financial advisor, they did a survey and framed it by comparing that relationship with other facets of their life they might value. Such as dessert. In its report “Forsaking Most Others: Consumers and Their Financial Professionals,” the insurance and financial services trade group asked consumers who work with a paid professional advisor which would they choose: their advisor or “my favorite dessert.”

Fortunately for the advisor industry, 78% chose their advisor. In the context of this survey, “advisor” refers to a paid financial professional—such as an insurance agent, CPA, broker, financial planner or advisor—used to make at least some household investment decisions.

As the accompanying chart shows, people were asked to choose between their advisor and something else, including their smartphones, favorite sports teams and good parking spaces. The good news is that other than their medical physician, the majority of consumers opted to go with their advisors instead of the other choices (including $1,000 in cash). The bad news is that 34% said they’d take their coffee or tea over their advisor.