The Global Angel Investors Network has created a Web site to bring together venture capital money and entrepreneurs who think they have the next great business venture, the network announced.

The Web site, at, is designed to allow entrepreneurs who need capital funding to reach venture capital companies that provide money for new ideas and companies, says Milton Arch, co-founder of the network.

Both entrepreneurs and the venture capital companies will be screened to make sure they are legitimate. The site is aimed at accredited investors who are used to doing their own checks of companies before lending them money, Arch notes.

The entrepreneurs pay for the service.

The Web site will have a section for investors and one for entrepreneurs. The investors section will allow venture capitalists to view the various entities looking for funding and will provide contact information so they can reach them directly. Entrepreneurs will be able to post a video about their product or service to grab the investor’s attention.

The Web site was developed by Arch and Rick Gruden of Dallas.