PIE Technologies Inc. announced today the release of an upgrade to MoneyGuidePro, their popular comprehensive, online financial planning solution. Dubbed MoneyGuidePro-Boomer Edition, the new release addresses the previous version's deficiencies in the area of retirement distribution planning.  

   The Boomer Edition, for the first time, will illustrate retirement distribution cash flows for both current and "what-if" plans. The new views will provide sources of funding, a goal funding graph, and cash flow charts and graphs. In addition, advisors will be able to "drill down" to observe additional details regarding any year within a plan.

   Other enhancements include: a "solve for retirement calculator," extension of maximum life expectancy from age 99 to 105, the ability to override Morningstar asset class mapping, the ability to link a goal to the client's (or the client's spouse) retirement year, ands the ability to convert a client's marital status from married to single.

   The redesigned home page now includes helpful flash videos, as well as information about MGP's integration partners. For further information, visit www.moneyguidepro.com.

   In conjunction with the release of the new boomer Edition, PIE Technologies has launched a light hearted Web site entitled "Save the Boomers" (www.savetheboomers.net).The site includes jokes, limericks, and a contest along with useful boomer facts and figures.