(Bloomberg News) Lance Easley, the National Football League referee at the center of a touchdown call criticized by President Barack Obama and others, is a vice president of small business banking at Bank of America Corp. in California.

Easley's LinkedIn page says he has worked at the bank since June 2011, and was a business banking specialist at Wells Fargo & Co. for almost three years prior to that. Bank of America spokesman T.J. Crawford confirmed in a telephone interview Easley's current employment, declining to comment further.

Part of a group of replacement officials that the NFL is using during the lockout of its normal crews, Easley was in the end zone on Sept. 24 when Seattle Seahawks wide receiver Golden Tate was awarded a game-winning touchdown catch that appeared to be first intercepted by Green Bay Packers defensive back M.D. Jennings. Easley was the first to signal touchdown, which was upheld on video review.

The call sparked immediate controversy, with fans and players taking to Twitter to complain about the decision. Obama, who labeled it a "terrible" decision, called for a settlement in the labor dispute between the league and Referees Association.

Easley's position at Bank of America was earlier reported by American Banker.