Challenges_Facing_Advisors_Photo_Essay_Oct-2011_Roundtable-Highlights-1.jpgBiggest challenges facing ?nancial advisors now
Insights and advice from seven industry executives

With crises in world markets permeating the news and market volatility becoming the norm, the need for professional financial advice has never been so strong. Yet, these are challenging times for financial advisors, who are not only trying to navigate the choppy markets but also maintain strong ties with their clients.

Today's investors are more informed and many are weary, even angry. The Internet age continues to bombard consumers with information-educational, as well as hyped noise-making today's investor very different than even five or 10 years ago. The Occupy Wall Street protests, sweeping the country at the time of this report, have fueled negative attitudes toward the financial industry in general.

How can advisors adjust to the evolving demands and needs of their current and future clients? What role will technology play in the decision-making process and client communications? What are the biggest challenges and opportunities facing financial advisors today and in the next one to three years?

Following the Tiburon CEO Summit XXI in San Francisco in October 2011, seven financial services executives presented their views in a roundtable discussion. The 60-minute conversation was a spirited debate.

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