Among super PAC donors, comedian Bill Maher and home builder Bobby Jack Perry top the list when it comes to the percentage of net worth given away, according to Wealth-X, a global ultra-high net worth intelligence and research firm.

While Maher's donations were small compared to donations by some other individuals-casino billionaire Sheldon Adelson, for example, recently gave $10 million to a Mitt Romney super PAC-the entertainer topped the survey because he donated 2.5% of his $40 million fortune to Democratic Party super PACs. Adelson, by comparison, is reportedly worth $25 billion, meaning his donation amounted to 0.04% of his net worth. 

Following Maher on the list was Perry, owner of Perry Homes, who has given 2.2% of his net worth to Republic PACs.

Ultra-high-net-worth individuals give on average less than one quarter of one percent of their assets to political super PACs, according to Wealth-X. The five highest donors to both parties, including Maher, give much more, according to Wealth-X.

"While no one disputes that large amounts of money have gone into the 2012 campaign season, when the donations are compared to the net worth of the ultra-high-net-worth individuals, they are minor," Wealth-X President David S. Friedman said.

Ultra-high-net-worth individuals as defined by Wealth-X are the about 180,000 individuals worldwide with $30 million or more in assets.

Ultra-high-net-worth donors associated with Republicans causes donate an average of 4% of their wealth to philanthropic causes and less than 1% to political causes, according to Wealth-X research. Democratic ultra-high-net-worth supporters donate on average more than 5% of their wealth to philanthropic causes and less than half a percent to political causes.

Wealthy entertainment industry people continue to be major supporters of the Democrats, according to Wealth-X.

Among Democratic donors, Maher is followed by Stephen M. Silberstein, founder of Innovative Interfaces and the Stephen M. Silberstein Foundation, at 1.4%; actor Morgan Freeman at 1.1%; and Barbara A. Stiefel, philanthropist, and Frederick J. Eychaner, president of Newsweb, both at less than 1%.

Among Republican donors, Perry is followed by Rocco A. Ortenzio, chairman of Continental Medical Systems, at 1.1%; Harlan Rogers Crow, chairman of Crow Holdings, at 1%; and Foster Friess, founder of Friess Associates, and Jon Huntsman Sr., executive chairman of Huntsman, both at less than 1%.

-Karen DeMasters