One of my co-workers recently told me how he made the mistake of ordering checks through his local bank and wound up paying $97 for four boxes. We both laughed and agreed he got ripped off badly. My daughter just moved to a new apartment and told me she needed to order new checks and that she was all set to go through her bank. It was then that I realized maybe a lot of people don't know that you can order checks through discount check printing companies.

Making sure my daughter didn't overpay, I went online and did some quick shopping. Seems that spending a few minutes online is a lot better than using bank to be your printer. I did notice a large variation in the prices from these vendors, so here is what I found to be inexpensive yet reliable since I have ordered from them in the past without any problems.

The name of the company is Their prices aren't that cheap until you use offer code  4Y6D which brings the price of four boxes of single parchment checks with a free monogram down to $16.50 with free shipping.

This could be a good bit of advice to offer your clients since it seems a lot of people overpay for checks, especially the younger and older ones.