While many impact investors are looking for what to invest in next, Social Funds (www.socialfunds.com), the largest personal finance site devoted to socially responsible investing, says it may be foolish to invest in Chevron.

The energy giant was slapped with an $18 billion judgment in Ecuador (upheld last year) for causing environmental damage. And it has reportedly gone after shareowners who have inquired whether Chevron has violated securities laws by allegedly not properly reporting the massive fine.

Social Funds quotes Graham Erion, an attorney for rainforest communities, as saying “Chevron’s management is publishing false or materially misleading information regarding its $18.1 billion judgment in Ecuador for causing environmental damage.”  He is further quoted as saying, “When things happen, you have to adjust what you’re telling investors. That’s what Chevorn hasn’t been doing.”

Numerous shareholder actions are pending, Social Funds notes.

Whether or not there has been a legal violation, the Chevron case -- documented by award-winning filmmaker Joe Berlinger in his riveting film, Crude -- is a fascinating tale of negative impact on a community, country, and corporation.

Investors, it seems, now will get to play their part in the story and ultimately decide how it ends.

As it looks, no one wins.

But it’s a cautionary saga nonetheless -- as well as perhaps a cautionary investment.

Thomas M. Kostigen is a bestselling author whose latest book is Golden Dawn.