Dr. Deepak Chopra, known around the world as a pioneer in mind-body medicine and author of 66 books, tonight said he's working with a Wall Street firm to create a new index that will measure "human impact investing."

Chopra, a speaker at The SRI Conference at the Mohegan Sun Conference Center, told hundreds of attendees that he hopes the new index will compete with the Dow Jones Industrial Average and the S&P 500.

Chopra said he could not yet identify the Wall Street firm helping to develop the Just Capital 100 Index. "Early data shows this index will comprehensively outperform the general market. ... This is perhaps the next phase of investing to change the world," he said.

He announced the index project during a far-reaching presentation about science and well-being before financial advisors and others involved in sustainable, responsible, impact investing.

The index will be designed to measure innovation, as well as efforts positively affecting women, the environment and other sustainability issues, Chopra said.

Chopra didn't reveal much more about the index, but said he wanted to get the input of investors in the room to help design it.

"It's time to take that love you have in your heart and translate it into real action," he said.

The new index will be a totally nonprofit venture, he added.

Advisors interested in learning more can contact Rinaldo Brutoco, president of the World Business Academy, which is helping Chopra with the project.


--Dorothy Hinchcliff