It appears a wide range of federal employees’ and retirees’ financial and health information was stolen by hackers in the Office of Personnel Management attack, Rep. Carolyn Maloney (D-N.Y.) told Financial Advisor magazine Tuesday.

OPM has disclosed the records of 4.2 million workers and retirees were accessed by foreign intruders late last year.

Maloney said she is also concerned that files of background security clearance checks were also obtained by hackers for over 14 million federal workers and prospective government employees.

Speaking along with Maloney at a House Oversight Committee hearing, Virginia Democrat Gerald Connolly warned workers are particularly vulnerable to the disclosure of security clearance files because they included rumors and other unverified information.

Florida Rep. Republican Ron DeSantis called the background checks “the crown jewel of potential blackmail.”

House Oversight Committee Chair Jason Chaffetz accused OPM of gross negligence in protecting the personal information of federal workers for 20 years.
“Systems were vulnerable. Data that should have been encrypted wasn’t,” Chaffetz said.

All of the 4.2 million workers and retirees whose records were subject to a hack are to be notified by mail by June 19.

Chaffetz warned them to be on the lookout from fraudsters pretending to be OPM and offering assistance.

He noted the agency will not be contacting the people again who have received the letters.