One group in particular appears to be very restless and may be looking to change investment advisors. This group could present good prospects for aware advisors, but if you already serve clients in this sector now is the time to make contact to strengthen your ties.

The group is nonprofits, and big managers are already lining up to court their business. Nonprofits often are good prospects for savvy socially responsible investment advisors because these groups often aren't investing in ways that align with their goals. SRI advisors can provide value by helping them do that.

Nonprofits took a beating in the recession, with a much greater percentage reporting that contributions were decreasing than before the downturn, according to a recent survey of more than 2,500 charities and foundations. However, fewer respondents reported decreased contributions between January and September 2010 than during the same period in 2009, and those figures may mean an economic recovery is beginning in the sector. And if that turns out to be true, their portfolios could swell from new contributions over the next year or two, giving advisors who serve them a bigger pot to manage.