Recent college graduates are almost as worried about their student loan debt as they are about the presidential election.

According to a recent study by, a slim majority of college students graduating this spring, 54 percent, were more interested in politics than they were their own educational debt.

Almost two-thirds of the survey’s respondents, 63 percent, said that they were graduating with student loan debt. Most borrowers, 82 percent, were concerned about how they were going to be able repay their loans.

According to the survey, 56 percent of students overall at four-year institutions carry some form of student loan debt.

Most of this year’s college graduates already take some level of responsibility for their own finances, with 66 percent of the respondents reporting that they worked a full- or part-time job during school.

The graduates’ lukewarm interest in the 2016 presidential election may be because they find both candidates unattractive: While 13 percent said they supported Republican candidate Donald Trump, just 12 percent expressed support for the Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton.

The respondents preferred Democratic challenger Bernie Sanders to either nominee by a 3-to-1 margin.

Surveyers also found that college students are spending 41 percent of their time engaged on their electronic devices. Among the respondents, 33 percent said that they spend six to 10 hours a week on social media platforms.

For the study, Campbell-Rinker surveyed 1,067 students enrolled at full-time at U.S. four-year universities from May 5-10, 2016.