In a move to ratchet up his marketing activities to a new level, Ric Edelman, who has been called one of the most successful financial planners ever, is starting a full time speakers bureau to make presentations nationwide.

Edelman, founder of Edelman Financial Services LLC, has hired several full time speakers and is looking for more to make presentations. In the past four months his firm has presented 40 seminars for individuals, companies, schools and community groups in 25 cities.

"There is clearly a need across the country for personal finance education," Edelman says. "We intend to serve this need." He says he wants dynamic public speakers who have the ability to engage audiences with authenticity and in an entertaining way.

"This is an ideal position for someone with experience as a financial advisor or wholesaler," adds Edelman.

Edelman is known for self promotion that has led to a highly successful independent practice. His firm, based in Fairfax, Va., employees 502 people in 42 offices in 13 states, serving mostly those with $1 million to $2 million in net worth, although the firm does provide advice for those with less assets. The firm added 2,000 new clients last year and brings in about 200 new clients a month.

He has a radio show, six books and a column, holds numerous conferences, has nearly half a dozen appearances on Oprah, and now has a full time speakers' bureau.