American workers have conflicted feelings about their finances, according to a survey released Thursday by LifeCare and the Financial Planning Association.

Workers feel confident that their immediate needs are taken care of, but they are stressed about retirement and savings.

The 2015 LifeCare/FPA Financial Confidence of American Workers Survey reached out to 1,389 LifeCare clients between June 15 and July 10.

Fifty-seven percent of those surveyed felt they had a solid hold of their household finances. Sixty-two percent said they had a handle on housing costs; 61 percent were confident about debt management; and 56 percent were confident about short-term saving and spending.

However, respondents lacked confidence in their long-term finances, the FPA says. When asked what financial matters they would speak to an advisor about, 56 percent said they needed information about how much money would give them a comfortable retirement. Half wanted to know how to prepare for retirement, and 40 percent wanted to know how much to save in a 401(k) plan.

Of those respondents that are not saving for retirement, 67 percent said they have nothing left after everyday expenses, and 55 percent said they either do not have a plan in place for retirement or just do not know if they do, the survey says.

People have an inaccurate view of financial planners, the FPA says. While 83 percent of those in the survey believed working with a financial planner would be beneficial, 44 percent thought they could not afford one, 17 percent did not know what a planner does, 15 percent felt they did not have enough in assets and 13 percent did not believe their financial situation was complex enough for an advisor.

“As a full-time financial planner, I see all the time how financial stress can, all too often, lead to financial inaction on the part of consumers,” says FPA President Edward W. Gjertsen II. “The fact is that the stress can be reduced by taking the necessary steps -- going from inaction to action -- and addressing those areas of your financial life that are causing the stress. There is a financial planner for everyone of all backgrounds and socioeconomic levels.”

LifeCare is an employee benefit program that helps employees with such things as finances and child care and elder care.