Envestnet’s portfolio consulting group, Envestnet|PMC, has launched Quantitative Portfolios, a series of separately managed account portfolios that use indexing and tax management at a cost that's competitive with ETFs, according to Envestnet.

According to the Chicago-based firm, the Quantitative Portfolio model "can provide an optimized blend of cost-efficient beta exposure and potential 'tax-management alpha.'"

They include five domestic equity portfolios and two international equity portfolios.

Advisors can select from four separately managed-account formats, including a unified managed account of each Quantitative Portfolio to customize holdings and tax management to specific client needs, according to Envestnet.

"With these portfolios, tax management can be done proactively with the aim of reducing the impact of current tax liabilities and ultimately enhancing after-tax returns," said Brandon Thomas, co-founder and chief investment officer, Envestnet|PMC.  "These are attractive for high-net-worth investors, as well as for investors seeking to transition out of a low-cost basis portfolio in a tax-efficient manner."