The Family Office Association (FOA) is teaming up with Harvest Exchange to provide the FOA’s ultra-wealthy members with more resources for sharing information and networking, Harvest Exchange announced.

Harvest Exchange provides a secure digital platform for its clients to share information or connect with each other. It was created almost two years ago for financial professionals and investors. FOA is partnering with Harvest to provide its ultra-wealthy members and their advisors with a resource for each other and as a way to promote the FOA organization.

The FOA is a membership organization that caters to the world’s wealthiest families and the single-family offices that oversee their assets. Harvest resources will be available to FOA members starting in January. FOA will be able to share programming and information from its events and archive its materials.

Members will be able to access the information through the FOA website, through the Harvest Exchange mobile app and at

FOA hosts eight events each year and members will have access to the information presented after the events through Harvest. The use of the Harvest Exchange resources also creates a private network for the 300 FOA members and their advisors. FOA members have approximately $100 million in assets or more.

“We also will be able to compile and post survey information immediately, and members will be able to communicate and collaborate with each other online from anywhere in the world,” says Angelo Robles, founder and CEO of FOA. Robles conducts interviews with financial thought leaders, which will be available through Harvest Exchange.

“Harvest Exchange, which has 7,000 investment firms on its platform, acts as a syndication channel for our clients,” says Peter Hans, founder and CEO of Harvest Exchange. “We build digital communities for them where they can share a host of information within their community, including best practices.”