Fidelity is moving forward with a new platform that will make it easier for advisors to effectively use technology to build their business.

Fidelity's Total Advisor platform, initially rolled out today, will continue to offer new services throughout 2017 and 2018. Fidelity will focus on providing digital services for advisors in five key areas that include:

• Creating one access point, Wealthscape, for its Fidelity Streetscape and WealthCentral workstations. Previously, the Streetscape platform was used primarily by Finra-registered advisors and WealthCentral, by independent advisors registered with the SEC and the states. Dually registered advisors often were required to transact a portion of their business on each platform. The transition to Wealthscape, underway for the last two years, will be complete in December. The new Wealthscape platform will have added capabilities.

• An unprecedented deep integration between Wealthscape and eMoney Advisor. EMoney’s emX suite offers a personal financial management portal that includes views into the household balance sheet, planning tools and secure document storage, as well as cash flow-based planning, needs-based goal planning and estate planning. The integration with Wealthscape will offer a collaborative vault investors can use to automatically access copies of their Fidelity brokerage account documents; investor self-service tools, like eDelivery enrollment (currently only available to broker-dealer clients), and integrations with the Fidelity brokerage platform for account maintenance; as well as integrated advisor workflows that link the two platforms together. Initial brokerage integrations with eMoney focus on the investor experience and are in use by more than 100 firms since becoming available in September 2016. Additional integrations will become available throughout 2017.

• A way for advisors to provide investment advice on less profitable smaller accounts. Fidelity Clearing & Custody Solutions is launching Wealthscape Digital Advice Solutions, which includes a custom-built digital advice offering for advisors, as well as connections to other third-party digital services. The custom-built digital service, Fidelity Automated Managed Platform (AMP), co-developed with eMoney, will begin its pilot in late Q1 2017. It is the first fully integrated planning centric digital advice platform delivered to financial advisors. AMP will provide a streamlined and fully digital experience for investor on-boarding, goal setting, and monitoring powered by eMoney, with straight-through account opening and funding through Fidelity’s brokerage. Advisors will also be to move clients, when ready, from an automated to a collaborative advised experience – without changing their technology platforms. AMP will allow the advisor to remain the investment advisor of record on the account. Firms can craft their own investment profile questionnaires, selecting from a range of investment portfolios created by sub-advisor Geode Capital Management, and then serve as the investment advisor on the portfolio. Fidelity AMP will also allow advisors to manage their automated and traditionally advised portfolios side-by-side.

• An integrated suite of portfolio management tools. Wealthscape Portfolio Tools will help clients more efficiently manage portfolios from beginning to end through a new consolidated data platform. Wealthscape Portfolio Tools is a modular suite and includes tools for proposal generation, modeling, advanced rebalancing, performance measurement and fee billing, and will be delivered separately and in waves starting in 2016 and throughout 2018. Wealthscape Performance Measurement, part of the Wealthscape Portfolio Tools, is currently being used by 15 firms in a pilot program that includes more than 150,000 accounts. Performance Measurement will be generally available in 2017. Wealthscape Advanced Modeling & Rebalancing, also part of the Wealthscape Portfolio Tools, will pilot household rebalancing at the start of 2017, followed by asset-class rebalancing later next year. Tax sensitive rebalancing capabilities will follow.

Powering Wealthscape Portfolio Tools, Fidelity will deliver a multi-custodian consolidated data platform. The platform will provide a holistic view of wealth for the advisor and for the client, and it will provide rich analytics to further enhance the advisor/client relationship. The consolidated data platform with Fidelity brokerage data powering Wealthscape Performance Measurement is now in pilot with another 25 firms into 2017. Multi-custodian capabilities are targeted for late 2017.

Fidelity Clearing & Custody Solutions will continue to offer its popular Managed Accounts Solutions platform, powered by Envestnet, to clients. Fidelity will continue to integrate additional third-party portfolio management tools.

• Compliance services and advanced analytics. Wealthscape Automated Workflows and Advanced Analytics will deliver services to help home offices and advisors improve efficiencies, grow their businesses and manage risk. Wealthscape Regulatory Early Warning, an advanced analytics offering, allows compliance personnel to quickly identify and track regulatory content that may impact their firm through one user interface. Sixty-one percent of Fidelity broker-dealer clients have already signed up for the offering since it was launched in July 2016. The next phases include plans to create a central operations hub for home office professionals and smart analytics and data visualization for the advisor.