Fiduciary Trust Company International, a New York-based global investment management firm and member of the Franklin Templeton Investments companies, has recently made some significant changes to its leadership team. 
The firm has announced several changes following the departure of its president and CEO, Henry P. Johnson.   
Gail Cohen will take on the roles of chair and general trust counsel. Cohen will assume the role of chair of Fiduciary Trust’s board of directors from James C. Goodfellow, who will remain on the board and continue to transition his responsibilities to Cohen.  
Lawrence Sternkopf, CPA, will take on the role of president and chief operating officer of Fiduciary Trust.  
Fiduciary Trust is in the process of searching for a new CEO externally. In the meantime, William Yun will serve as interim CEO. Yun is the former president of Fiduciary Trust and a current board member.