A new, enhanced version of Financeware is being introduced by Wealthcare Capital Management, a wealth management firm based in Richmond, Va., Wealthcare announced Thursday.

With Financeware 2.0, clients and their advisors will have access to new planning modules, says Wealthcare. Wealthcare’s proprietary Monte Carlo simulation engine, which powers Financeware, is capable of running 100,000 simulations, planning for each client’s specific goals and risk tolerance and market volatility.

The new software features a more intuitive interface and streamlined navigation tools that allow advisors to provide roadmaps for both short-term performance and the client’s alignment of current investments with long-term financial objectives.

“Highly customizable and infinitely scalable, Financeware 2.0 answers an overwhelming market demand for an easy-to-use, powerful tool that helps advisors manage clients’ expectations and behaviors while providing personalized counsel that integrates with investment strategies,” says Wealthcare.

“The investment industry is experiencing a paradigm shift driven by multiple macro forces causing investors to seek out more holistic investment guidance,” says Michael Ashker, Wealthcare Capital Management CEO. “Financeware 2.0 offers a dynamic, life-long process that aligns advisor and investor interests.