Individuals from all walks of life, not just financial advisors, can become Certified Financial Education Instructors at the Transamerica Financial Educators Academy, Transamerica on Monday announced

The grassroots effort will give individuals the opportunity to gain the essential information and skills to teach the basics of successful money management, Transamerica says.

The course consists of 11 subject areas covering financial psychology; savings, budgeting and account management; credit, debt and loans; investing; retirement preparedness, and how to effectively discuss money matters with young people. Those who successfully complete the classes will become National Financial Educators Council Certified Financial Education Instructors.

“We recognize that too many Americans lack the essential knowledge to make [financial] decisions and would like to better understand the basics of personal finance. The Transamerica Financial Educators Academy offers an effective process for individuals to become certified to teach others in their communities and help them improve their financial outlook,” says Deb Rubin, senior vice president with Transamerica Retirement Solutions.

According to a 2014 LIMRA study, 48 percent of household financial decision-makers feel they are ‘not at all knowledgeable’ or ‘not very knowledgeable’ about investments and financial products. These same individuals also recognize the need to be better informed, although only a little more than 10 percent have had any formal financial training such as a class or seminar, Transamerica says.