The Financial Industry Regulatory Authority is joining the Securities and Exchange Commission in practice (if not necessarily in stated policy) by having examiners making more enforcement referrals for routine things, said Cetera Financial Group Lobbyist Mark Quinn Monday.

He said he expects the trend to continue. Meanwhile, Massachusetts's top regulator today announced a sweep of more than 240 broker-dealers looking for "rogue" advisors.

Cetera bills itself as the nation’s second largest independent financial advisory operation based on number of advisors.

In speaking to an Insured Retirement Institute conference in Washington, D.C., Quinn said SEC and Finra examiners are asking for more customized, difficult-to-produce reports from investment advisors and broker-dealers.

 “Do not be bashful about pushing back. Especially when examiners are asking for things not routine, standard books and records or you will be run over,” Quinn told the financial professionals in the audience.