San Diego-based First Allied Securities today announced a suite of enhancements for its Guided Portfolio Solutions (GPS) platform. Features include new portfolio management options and integration tools, as well as a new user interface and tablet app.

The GPS platform has experienced rapid growth among First Allied advisors since its rollout in June 2012. Assets under management on the platform have surpassed $2 billion, according to the firm.

The advisory platform encompasses three asset management programs: advisor-directed discretionary investment models; mutual fund and ETF-based managed portfolios; and SMAs of individual equity and bond-based models.

The enhancements to the platform include:

• Portfolio ONE, a solution that is designed to give advisors the ability to combine any number of models from across the three GPS programs into a single account. This allows advisors the ability to manage client holdings across the entire platform and complete trading and rebalancing operations faster than before, according to First Allied. This feature also provides uniform reporting for all managers and models on the GPS platform.

• An improved user interface and tablet app that are intended to expand the accessibility for both advisors and their clients across multiple browsers and tablets, including iOS and Android devices. The new tablet app offers users the same interface and functionality as the desktop version, says the broker-dealer.

• The integrated account opening process is designed to simplify the process of setting up accounts across all GPS programs. The new process lets advisors enter data once to update client accounts simultaneously, with account numbers and other information pre-populated.