Financial advisors Jason Gordo and Jeff Burrow have developed a financial planning tool called FlexScore for advisors and consumers that combines gamesmanship with financial planning.

FlexScore provides users with a score of between zero to 1,000 on their finances and will raise it if they take certain actions. FlexScore aims to take all aspects of a person’s financial life into consideration and then uses the information to make recommendations about how his or her finances – and the score – can be improved.

Gordo says the system was developed because of their work with retirement plan participants, many of whom do not have a financial advisor. The pair set out to develop an online tool that could provide financial advice, but at the same time connect a person with an advisor if they want.

The program calculates a personal financial score based on the information entered into the site, including the person’s goals and estimated cost of each. For instance, if sending a child to college is the goal, the site will determine how much is needed each month in savings to reach the goal. Change the goal – for instance select a less expensive school – and the estimated savings needed per month changes.

The site shows how to raise the score. For instance, it might suggest refinancing a mortgage. If a bad financial decision is made, such as taking an early distribution from a retirement account, the score is lowered. If the user takes a financial education class, the score goes up.

FlexScore Pro is available for financial advisors and Gordo suggests advisors use it as a communication tool with clients.

United Capital Financial Advisers LLC is making the tool available to its advisors.

“FlexScore offers a highly scalable, self-directed solution for clients, providing sound financial guidance that is closely aligned with the counsel we routinely offer our clients,” says Joe Duran, CEO of United Capital.

For consumers the site is free. FlexScore gets paid for referrals when a consumer uses one of the financial services providers on the Web site.