More than half of American home buyers are open to buying an abode that has a reputation for being haunted,  according to’s 2013 Haunted Housing Report. Good thing, because the market for spooky homes is booming. Herewith, nine paranormal properties for those who don’t mind a little “morgue” with their mortgage.

1. The Priestley House

138 E Fulton St, Canton, Mississippi

Built by a Dr. James Priestley in 1852, this pillared property is up for grabs at the bargain price of just under a mill. Any realtor will tell you that its restored four bedrooms and four bathrooms radiate an old-world charm. Translation: It’s a 5,100-square-foot freaky-deaky paranormal playground. Both Dr. Priestley and his wife died there, and the home’s subsequent owners reported seeing her ghost several times. They also witnessed musical instruments playing on their own and candles dropping from their holders. Such activity prompted the TV show "The Unexplained Files" to investigate the Priestley House. You can read about its findings here.

2. The Charming Forge Mansion

274 Charming Forge Rd, Womelsdorf, Pennsylvania

This handsome slice of paranormal paradise comes equipped with a native stone fireplace—and reportedly the spirit of the man who once owned the estate. The name of that man? Henry William Steigel, an iron furnace company owner who got himself into some debt trouble while alive. Steigel can still be heard slamming doors and stomping up the stairs. In addition, legend has it that a man accidentally hanged himself outside the mansion with the reins of his spooked horse. Now he glides across the property—headless—while his would-be bride weeps from an upstairs window.

3. The Schweppe Mansion

405 North Mayflower Rd, Lake Forest, Illinois

Tucked away in the lush woodlands just off the coast of Lake Michigan sits this waterfront English Tudor. A real gem, it was originally built as a wedding gift in 1917 for Laura and Charles Schweppe from her father John G. Shedd, the then-president of Marshall Field & Co. Unfortunately, 20 years thereafter, Laura suffered a heart attack and died. Four years later, servants found Charles with a self-inflicted gunshot wound to the head and an eerie note: “I’ve been awake all night. It’s terrible.” Though the reason for his suicide remains a mystery, some are convinced the couple reunited in the afterlife. Reports claim the eternal sweethearts now roam the halls, lurking in one of the mansion’s 10 bedrooms. Which one? Make a bid and find out.