HD Vest Financial Services is making a new version of Financeware available for its advisors starting in the new year, HD Vest announced Thursday.

In cooperation with Wealthcare Capital, the creator of Financeware, a new version of the program will be rolled out in the first quarter of 2016 for 4,600 HD Vest's 4,600 advisors.

Financeware 2.0 for HD Vest advisors will allow them to present clients with a simplified but detailed roadmap designed to provide both a snapshot of short-term performance, and also clear alignment of current investments with long-term financial objectives, HD Vest says.

“Clients are demanding highly personalized life planning, tax management and integrated investment portfolios tailored to their individual goals and profiles,” says Scott Rawlins, managing director, sales of HD Vest. “Not only does the Financeware 2.0 enhancement to our VestVision process bring the necessary technology and functionality advisors need to deliver the best all-around advice, but it also provides flexibility to integrate a goals-based process seamlessly with specific HD Vest proprietary workflows.”