Compliance costs are likely to go up this year with the “tidal wave” of new Securities and Exchange Commission regulations, warned the head of the Investment Adviser Association in a blog on Wednesday.

Expenses are likely to increase if, as proposed, advisors are given a mandate to pay independent third parties for compliance reviews, said Karen Barr, the IAA’s president and CEO. The expenses will also likely increase with a new anti-money laundering regime and with heightened data reporting requirements proposed for Form ADV, she warned.

She also expects the SEC to propose rules requiring advisors to create transition plans for a major disruption in business, and a proposal mandating annual stress tests at large funds and advisories.

“In 2016 we are also likely to see the re-emergence of Dodd-Frank-mandated rules on executive compensation, a proposal to revise the definition of ‘accredited investor,’ and CFTC requirements related to cross-border swap transactions,” she wrote.