ImpactAssets, a non-profit financial services firm that focuses on financial, social and environmental investments, is launching two low-minimum publicly offered debt securities, ImpactAssets announced Thursday.

The ImpactAssets Microfinance Plus and Global Sustainable Agriculture Notes have a minimum investment of $25,000, significantly lower than most currently available theme-specific debt and equity impact investment options, ImpactAssets says.

Both are five-year debt securities that are diversified across borrowers, geographies and maturities. The notes are designed to target a competitive interest rate, be held in brokerage accounts and have a limited liquidity feature.

The Microfinance Plus Note invests in microfinance and other low-income finance institutions that provide financial services to poor populations in developing countries. The Global Sustainable Agriculture Note invests in grower cooperatives and agricultural enterprises that help small farmers increase and stabilize their incomes and farm in a productive, sustainable manner, ImpactAssets says.