Securities and Exchange Commission Republican Commissioner Daniel Gallagher predicted Wednesday that increased registered investment advisor exams are coming in 2015 as a result of $150 million in additional funding.

He predicted SEC Chairman Mary Jo White will spend some of the extra dollars for the entire agency on raising the number of exams beyond the existing 9 percent a year and said she should.

“It’s a big gaping area,” said Gallagher.

To date, the SEC has said only it will use some of the dollars for more examinations without saying what types of companies and professionals would be subjected to the additional reviews.

Speaking at an SEC advisory committee meeting on the possibility of expanding the number and kinds of individuals who are allowed to put their money into hedge funds and other private, less regulated investments, Gallagher said he is open to having financial advisors who fail to meet the SEC’s income and asset thresholds be allowed to be among these “accredited investors.”

To be allowed to invest in private funds, an individual must have at least $200,000 in annual income ($300,000 for couples) or $1 million in assets excluding a primary residence.

Clarifying his statement several weeks ago that millionaires “can fend for themselves,” Gallagher said the SEC should protect wealthy investors.

However, he said the agency should focus more of its resources on overseeing markets that appeal primarily to non-millionaires than millionaires.