Impact investing is about more than the environment -- but investing in weather adaptation and resiliency efforts is perhaps the top tenet of the movement. Why? If there are no safe places for us to live and/or conduct business, we cannot empower social issues and human rights, never mind agricultural accomplishments.

So addressing the most immediate threats to our existence is important. That means addressing natural disasters and man-made catastrophes with dollars and sense. A one-dollar investment in sound infrastructure and prevention results in five dollars of savings for cleanup and recovery efforts. That’s a pretty great investment if you ask me.

Investing to ward off and thwart problems as well as enforce and engender positive actions is what impact investing is all about.

More accurate meteorological technologies and climate modeling are in dire need of funding. The World Meteorological Organization recently held a conference in Montreal, Canada, on just this topic. “Scientific advancements through research for weather and climate applications have never been so in demand,” said World Meteorological Organization Secretary-General Michel Jarraud. “Food security, water, health, disaster risk reduction are among the most basic and fundamental societal needs for sustainable development.”

The whole idea is to invest in programs to better human survival. Can you think of a better way to create impact than saving lives?

There is a huge need for a global impact investment fund focused on adaptation and resiliency. The payoffs would be enormous.
Someone should start one -- now.