Fifty-eight percent of investors think physical gold is a good investment, but few have actually made a purchase, according to Gold Bullion International LLC.

Only 2 percent of investors hold assets in investment grade, institutional quality gold, the GBI found in a recent survey. GBI provides precious metals to investors and wealth managers that can be managed through a financial advisor’s workstation. The gold or other metal is stored in vaults located around the world.

GBI attributed the lack of gold ownership to a misunderstanding about the importance gold can play in a portfolio. Forty-four percent of those surveyed said they did not now enough about gold to invest, while 37 percent think it is too difficult to purchase and 22 percent did not even know you could buy gold. 

“Physical gold remains substantially under-owned, as it has previously been difficult to buy and largely misunderstood,” says Steven Feldman, CEO of GBI. “Yet smart investors recognize that it has proven to be a critical part of a well diversified investment portfolio.”

The survey showed 51 percent of respondents say they would own gold bars or coins if a financial advisor or trusted person recommended it.