Advocates Trust Group LLC has created a division designed to provide "a personalized, high-touch, comprehensive suite of trust services" for the firm's clients.

Among the offerings of the new division, Advocates Trust Services, will be professional trustee expertise for irrevocable and revocable trusts throughout the country.

Advocates Trust Group LLC is a division of New York Private Trust Company, a Delaware-chartered trust company, which is a subsidiary of Emigrant Bancorp Inc. It is an attorney-owned and provides support services to attorneys who prepare and maintain sophisticated trust plans, with a focus on Delaware law.

Advocates Trust Services is based in the Wilmington, Del., headquarters of New York Private Trust Company, but will provide services to attorneys in all 50 states and abroad. The division, in conjunction with Advocates Trust Group, will offer systems and programs that are designed to enhance attorneys' ability to customize trusts and other estate planning devices. It is also designed to leave the family in control of their assets when they have been placed in a trust and to create an ongoing role for lawyers as trust advisors, according to the firm.

"The novelty of the Advocates Trust Services approach is that it wraps trustee services around the legal services a trust and estates attorney performs for clients," said Richard Trumpler, COO of New York Private Trust. "By partnering with practicing attorneys, and meshing our Delaware trust administration services with the systems that they have created to serve their clients, we are able to provide what we call The Delaware Trust Solution to attorneys anywhere in the world."

-Karen DeMasters