Life Happens, a non-profit group, is offering advisors a tool that aids in the marketing of life insurance products.

The organization, dedicated to educating the public about health and life insurance, has made its Life Happens Pro platform available to advisors.

“We’ve built this platform so that they can take advantage of social media," Matt Derrick, says Life Happens executive vice president for programs and marketing. "This platform allows us to distribute content in many different forms.”

The platform enables users to personalize, download, embed and share marketing materials through a turnkey approach.

"This is something there’s a real hunger out there for," Derrick says. "We thought that if we could do this in the right way, it would provide a lot of benefits.”

While planning and advising have become technology-driven professions, Derrick notes that many advisors have been slow to adapt.

“We want to make using our materials as easy as possible for as wide an audience as possible,” he says. “Clients, millennials especially, are accustomed to interacting with people from all industries through new technologies. If we can equip advisors to be able to recruit, meet with, and talk to clients in those channels, then we feel like we’ve made a difference.”

Derrick says that the biggest advantage of the platform is the ability to personalize and customize Life Happens marketing materials.

“Agents, instead of just using the generic flyers, videos, and social media that we have made available in the past, can now use these products in a way that makes it look like they’re their own resources,” Derrick says. “They can add our content to their flyers or embed our videos on their websites.”

For $39 per month, or $399 per year, advisors can personalize pre-made Life Happens brochures with their own contact information and branding, and download, e-mail, share and embed digital content, including videos, social media posts, online calculators and other tools, to support their own marketing and outreach efforts.